AZKU Inc. provides turnkey services and has the capability to furnish all resources, labor, materials, equipment, and management necessary to perform timely work in Iraq. WITH ITS OWN FLEET OF EQUIPMENT AND MANPOWER, AZKU Inc. CAN MOBILIZE IMMEDIATELY FOR WORK IN IRAQ.


Field Services

Pre-Sales Technical Support

We understand the operational structure of oil refineries and upstream installations and the contribution required from each stakeholder in the decision to deploy permanent monitoring systems. We are experienced in working closely with each of these stakeholders to facilitate smooth and successful process of adoption, including satisfaction of requirements of end users and technical authorities.

Deployment Support

We work closely with you throughout the deployment process.
Deployment Planning: We help you prepare and plan for installation of your system, sharing our extensive knowledge and experience, through discussions with stakeholders and user-friendly documentation.
 Installation of System: We provide guidance throughout system installation, including in particular

  • training of customer/contractor staff in installing hardware
  • verification of system operation


Ongoing Operational Support
We know that customers need our systems as a means to gather high quality data. Our systems are designed and manufactured for robustness and reliability in demanding environments. Should any system operating issues arise, we are available to help diagnose and resolve them quickly. We can offer remote diagnostics when customer needs it. We are committed to the continued support of our customers following installation, providing you with the confidence to focus upon the use of that data to make better informed decisions.


We offer comprehensive training and certification in the use of all equipment including Retrievers, Service Valves, and the Model 60 Retractor. Proper training in the use of tools is recommended for any person who will be operating equipment in the field on pressurized systems.
Our Trainers have extensive practical experience in the manufacture, assembly, and field use of our tools, access fittings and other equipment. The training program emphasizes personal safety and environmental awareness in the use of tools. We offer the following Certification Courses at various locations including our Santa Fe Springs, CA, Aberdeen, UK, and Singapore Office Locations. We also offer LEVEL I and LEVEL II Training & Certification at your location, including offshore. We can also work with your safety and training department to customize the courses to your specific needs.



Level I
• Operation of RBS/RBSA and RSL retrievers under pressure
• Operation of Service Valves under pressure
• Operation of Model 60 Retractor under pressure
Level II
• Advanced Retrieval Operations, including assembly, disassembly, and servicing
• Operation of special service tools
• Tool overhaul and Repair


Our Products
Microcor Transmitter for High Resolution Monitoring

MICROCOR Systems represent the greatest advance in corrosion monitoring technology in a decade, literally changing the way companies approach corrosion management. MICROCOR technology has the same universal applicability as Electrical Resistance (ER) systems, measuring in any corrosive medium and in extreme operating environments. Unlike ER this high-resolution technique computes corrosion rate in minutes. Corrosion can now be considered a “process” variable
The speed of MICROCOR approaches the rapid response time of Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) systems and provides data 50 to 100 times faster than ER. In one application, the use of a MICROCOR system allowed a chemical screening to be completed in less than 48 hours – and at 10% of the normal cost. Similar screenings previously took weeks with ER systems.

Corrater Systems

Corrosion rate measurements in water systems can be made utilizing CORRATER Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR). A direct electrochemical measurement of corrosion rate is possible with just a single measurement by this electrochemical method. These measurements must be accurate in order to cost effectively apply chemical treatment to water systems.
This advanced technology allows accurate corrosion rate measurements to be made over the widest range of solutions conductivities, from seawater to condensates.
Through a wide range of instruments, CORRATER systems can offer:
• Advanced corrosion monitoring for water systems
• Hand-held instruments for “instantaneous” measurement
• Data-logging corrosion history
• Continuous on-line instruments
• Simple data transfer to PC or data-logger

Corrosometer Systems for Corrosion measurement in any medium

The CORROSOMETER system is the most reliable and flexible system available in Electrical Resistance (ER) corrosion monitoring. By measuring the electrical resistance of an ER sensor, this system can quantify metal loss and determine corrosion rates in any liquid, gaseous or solid environment. CORROSOMETER instruments operate in hostile environments and CORROSOMETER probes can operate in extreme chemical media at temperatures reaching 850°F (454°C) and pressure of 6000 psi (41.3 MPa).
The CORROSOMETER measurement system offers a wide range of different probes as well as a host of data collectors, transmitters, remote communications modules, environmental monitoring instruments and software to meet a broad range of needs across all industries. From portable to integrated systems, and from periodic testing to continuous monitoring, Azku can provide a comprehensive corrosion monitoring solution for any situation.
Corrosometer Systems key features include:
• Applicability to any corrosive environment
• Low Cost
• Hazardous Location Certified
Corrdata Systems for remote data collection

The CORRDATA line of instrumentation consists of battery-powered remote data collectors (RDC’s) and handheld data transfer units that can measure, store and download corrosion data to a PC from either CORROSOMETER or CORRATER probes. The system also works through hard wire, cellular telephone and radio communications systems to import corrosion data from the field to the comfort of your office. The powerful CORRDATA PLUS Software provides graphing, analysis and long-term storage for the corrosion data.
This software is at the heart of various systems, and it is one of the most powerful tools used in corrosion monitoring and management. After data is collected from any number of probes and monitoring systems, it can easily be sent to the host PC directly, remotely, or through a network.
Key Features:
• Continuous Monitoring
• Battery powered autonomous operation
• Rapid Installation
• Maximum Versatility
• Qualified for hazardous locations


Access Systems

Because shutdowns are expensive and frequently impractical, Azku provides access systems for on-line insertion and retrieval of probes without system shutdown at high pressures and temperatures. These access systems provide safe and easy insertion and retrieval of all corrosion monitoring coupons, probes or injection devices.
Access systems are adaptable to a wide range of piping and vessel configurations, ensuring safe operation and pressure integrity.


The system is a result of careful design and precise manufacturing which has been perfected over decades of in-the field operations. These access systems meet all manufacturing and safety standards, including the NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 and fi re-safety to API6FA and API607. As the industry standard, access systems are the safest, most reliable and most widely used access, insertion, and retrieval systems in the world.
Access Systems offer:
• Operation at pressures up to 6000 psi (41.3 MPa)
• Operation at temperatures up to 450°F (232°C)
• Field-proven safety and reliability
• Components for high, medium, or low pressure systems, High alloy fittings for the more stringent NACE MR0175-2003 standard
• Versatile usage including insertion and retrieval of coupons, probes, injection quills, etc

Past Experience

Refinery Deployments USA
  • Borger, TX
  • Cherry Point, WA
  • Carson, CA
  • Mandan, ND
  • Richmond, CA
  • Whiting, IN
  • Toledo, OH
  • Texas City, TX


  • St John, NB


  • Gelsenkirchen
  • Hamburg
  • Heide


    • Thessaloniki

The Netherlands

    • Rotterdam


    • Castellon

Oil & Gas Production Deployments

    • North Slope, AK

Trinidad and Tobago

    • Trinidad (offshore)


    • Hammerfest

Other Industry Deployments

  • Whiting, IN
  • Saginaw, MI



Engineering Disciplines

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Excavation and Trenching

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Mechnical Engineering

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Petroleum Engineering

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Water Sector Projects

Water Networks

Water Filtration

Dredging Systems

Water Treatment Plants


Power Generation Sector Products

Power Generation Solutions


Transformer Substation Solutions

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Pipe Repairing



Azku’s repairing system is constructed with a specific architecture and a specific set of constituent components to ensure quality, durability and permanence. It is our belief that this product, with its specific architecture and components remains the “state of the art” regarding composite repair design. A properly installed Azku’s repairing system is a permanent repair and provides structural reinforcement to the pipe steel. This product is a pre-cured shop manufactured composite sleeve.
Azku’s Pipe Support corrosion prevention system is perfect for terminals, plants, refineries, new pipeline construction, and any pipe support location. The system architecture changes with the diameter of the pipe. Watch video...  



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